Meet Taylor
Photo: Amy Touchette

Taylor Mac

has been named one of New York and the country’s best theater artists by American Theater Magazine, the Village Voice, Time Out NY, and The New York Press. Taylor says "I consider myself a theatre artist working in the genre of pastiche (but isn’t all theatre the genre of pastiche). This is a fancy way of saying I do a lot of different things. I’m a playwright, an actor, songwriter, director, visual artist, and activist. I create work for others that I don’t perform in, perform in other artist’s work, create performance art parties and huge theatrical extravaganzas (with at least a dozen performers, puppets, and musicians), perform solo, and sometimes squish all of these hats together and come up with what most people in academic circles would call a postmodern theatric (meaning I draw from many sources, throwing high and low art forms together, juxtaposing ideas and images to create new meanings)."

If you want to reach Taylor or find out more about his work add him as a friend on facebook or visit his website.

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